Wealthy Affiliate, Powerful, Yet Affordable, Affiliate Marketing Platform


Wealthy Affiliate, Powerful, Yet Affordable, Affiliate Marketing Platform.


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Do you dream of owning a successful and profitable online business, have a look at Wealthy Affiliate, a powerful, yet affordable affiliate marketing platform. Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, have been successful affiliate marketers for over 15 years. They started this learning platform in 2005, and have assisted millions of people in building successful online marketing strategies. Affiliate marketing has been around longer than most think.

Affiliate marketing was conceived in 1989 by William J. Tobin, owner and founder of PC Flowers And Gifts. They launched the business on the Prodigy Network, a division of IBM, where they remained until 1996, generating more than $6 million per year in sales.  The website version had 2,600 affiliate marketing partners. Tobin was granted a patent, in the US in 2000, and Japan in 2007, for affiliate marketing and Tracking. In 1998, PC Flowers and Gifts partnered with Federated Department Stores and Fingerhut.

In November, 1994, Geffen Records developed websites to sell their artists records, albums and CD’s directly to their customers.

Amazon.com started their associate program in July, 1996, where they were able to place banners and links on web pages, sending customers to affiliate sites or directly to Amazon’s webpage. This was mostly used for the sale of books. In February, 2000, Amazon was granted a patent, which was applied for in June 1997. The patent covered components of an affiliate program. The date of application for the patent preceded most other affiliate programs, except for PC Flowers and Gifts.


Online Entrepreneur Certification

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course {OEC}  consists of 5 levels of training, 10 training classes each, for a total of 50 different classes. The classes are as follows;

  • Level 1: Getting Started
  • Level 2 : Building your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Level 3: Making Money!!
  • Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement
  •  Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success Thru Content Creation
      Upon completion of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training, you will have an attractive website operating, which will attract regular shopping traffic.


The Creation Of Quality, Unique And Helpful Content Is Crucial To The Success Of  your Website

Originally, websites were created for entertainment purposes only, but recently, websites have become a necessity. Most of the population depends on the internet to find and purchase the products and services they require. The internet operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it the world’s favorite, and most trusted marketplace. So, websites must be kept attractive and informative. Quality, unique and helpful content is the most successful way to attract customers, time and time again. When they trust you, and value your information, it builds a lasting relationship.

Success is measured by the amount of repeat traffic a website generates, and the amount of trust your customers empower you with.  Creating quality, unique and helpful content assures you that your website will attract a plentiful amount of trusting customers who will return regularly. That is success!


Products And Services Available Thru Affiliate Marketing

There are millions and millions of products and services available thru affiliate marketing to present to the public. Millions and millions of people do much of their shopping online, and it’s growing leaps and bounds every day. That is why affiliate marketing has become such a popular and successful source of income, and can be earned from home. Doesn’t that sound exciting?


Costs To Join Wealthy Affiliate

The basic version of Wealthy Affiliate is free. It allows you to look over the platform, and try some features and training. The premium membership is $49.00 per month. There are many benefits

of having the premium membership.


Jaaxy is the ultimate tool used to research niches and keywords and save to lists. Jaaxy is free with your WA premium membership. You get limited use {30 free searches} with the free membership; It is the most advanced keyword research tool, available.


WordPress manages your website content and includes a plugin system in the themes’ area. It provides many theme options to chose from for your website.

Success Attracts Success

WA has a massive membership of extraordinarily successful affiliate marketers. A lot of quality experience that is freely shared to help motivate you towards your financial dreams. WA’s number one goal is your financial success! Not only does WA provide training building Wealthy Affiliate Websites, they assist in building websites to market any and all products and services, any niche you choose.

Come Join Our Community And Experience Success

Have a look around our platform, it’s free. Many new success stories coming every day. Come join us and find your success. Life is sweet, and getting sweeter.



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