Video Marketing and Where to Post Videos

Video Marketing and Where to Post Video”

Many people want their businesses to excel! One way to go is through video marketing. Video marketing involves creating a video for your business and then, posting it in one location.

Nowadays, video content is one useful way to accomplish your marketing efforts. Your video content can go a long way in attracting new, potential customers, engage more followers, etc.


Assuming you already have a video! The first thing you should do is to check your strategy. Also, check which stage in your sales funnel will most likely benefit. Take, for example, if your goal is to attract visitors to your business, you should consider using a video that suits this goal.

In a case where you notice you’re losing visitors, you can create a video to engage them or educate them about your website.

Now, in this article, we are going to consider different channels where you can post your video. This is to help you increase your viewers, create awareness for your brand, and many more opportunities.

Let’s move on!!!

Places You Can Post Your Videos, No Matter What Goal You Have

1. Your Website

Whether you choose to post your video content on any social media platform, it is necessary to have your video content on your website too. It does not just involve posting “About Us” videos.

You need to have a place on your website where you’ll share your video content regularly. It’s very good and advisable to have your videos accessible in one place. This can help increase your SEO, your sales, and your product awareness.

Many a marketer also testify that it helps to increase the time spent by a visitor on your website.

2. Your Social Media Handles

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram are places where you can share your video content. We’re going to discuss how you can market on each of these social media platforms.

Then what is the purpose of social media platforms here?

Well, according to Animoto, social media serves a place for brand awareness. Sixty percent of customers who bought a thing or other from a brand got informed through the social media. So using video content on these platforms can help attract customers.

To Attract More Visitors Using Videos

3. Facebook and Instagram

These social media platforms are amazing, which makes posting videos to your account engaging to your followers.

So, advertising on these platforms is a good way to draw an audience of people, so also, is posting videos on these sites. Both platforms are part of the top five most popular social media in the world.

4. Tumblr And Twitter

Though not similar in all aspects with Facebook and Instagram, it’s also good for video marketing. It helps to attract visitors with the use of hashtags.

You can turn your video into memes and short GIFs to make it easy for others to share it, along with tags. And also, this will help you promote your video in a unique way.

5. Yelp

This is a good tool for attracting soon-to-be customers. How? This is one of the places where visitors search when trying to find information about you or your related business.

So when you provide video content on your Yelp account for those people, it will help attract them. And also, it helps to get more feedback.

6. Reddit

This platform has a lot (millions) of users and subreddits which have  many niche communities. You can post video content on these subreddits or subreddits related to your niche. Keep in mind that you need to post your videos not once, but regularly.

7. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor works in a similar way to Yelp. When you post a video on TripAdvisor, you attract tourists, those planning for work, etc. TripAdvisor is the best for businesses with physical locations e.g. bar, restaurant, etc. It helps you broaden your reach and creates many opportunities.

8. Dailymotion

This is a video sharing website that permits users to view, browse, and post videos. You can search for videos by looking for tags, channels and categories.

Posting video content on this channel helps to attract people from different media sites. It helps to branch into sources of new lead.

9. Imgur

Looking for a site to host your videos or GIFs? Then, post on Imgur. It puts your content in front of other active communities. Reddit is similar to Imgur to the extent that a lot of content on Reddit gets hosted on Imgur.

You can choose to post videos in private or public on Imgur.

10. Live Leak

This is also a video sharing website, allowing users to create video in terms of war, politics, and other world events. This means that you cannot post videos on other topics.

With Live Leak, you can spread your video content to visitors.

To Engage More Followers

11. YouTube Channel

Google ranking first, YouTube is the second largest search engine people have ever used. It is one of the internet’s first video-specific platforms. You just don’t post one video on YouTube and expect audience to come.

You can run ads, which will help draw in more people. You can even set a schedule in which you can regularly host your videos and use the tag features to attract steady visitors.

12. LinkedIn

This is a good networking tool that many people use. Now, it has begun to make videos a priority. So posting videos on your account is a sign of an actively used LinkedIn account.

You can use this to your gain. You can put in your content natively on LinkedIn, and then, you’ll see that your videos will get many views.

13. Vimeo

This is one of the most user-friendly, and also popular platforms on the internet.

Vimeo focuses on creativity and high-quality production, so you’ll have to post your best video on Vimeo to get other user-creators interested. When they’re interested, you get more opportunities.

To Nurture More Opportunities

14. Email

Affiliate marketing on email is one effective way to make sales. There exists leads that are already engaged, and by the use of your high-quality video, you will convince your customers to say “Yes” to you.

15. Instagram Stories

Don’t focus only on making new customers to forget your old customers. Your stories on Instagram are meant to build your relationship with your old customers. In this place, you can preview a video and share it piece by piece, or you can share it daily.

16. Instructable

With Instructable, you can efficiently share your tutorial or how-to-do-it video. This site is mainly designed for DIYers and those who will like to take projects into their hands.

There is only one type of content that’s acceptable on this site, and if yours fits, you can use the site to convert your  would-be buyers to customers.

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