Top 7 Free Landing Page Builders

Top 7 Free Landing Page Builders


Landing pages are one-page marketing websites. You can think of landing pages as an online flyer for your business. However, you can sell your products directly or get your customers to sign up for your email list.

You can create different landing pages for different offerings. You may also use these pages to target different types of customers.

Apple’s landing pages are used to refine their marketing strategies, rather than trying to reach all customers at once.

You don’t need to be the largest company in the world to achieve this feat. You can also get great results with a landing page builder.

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect your picks to other apps. You can automate sending responses to your database or email marketing, and even automatically connecting them to Zapier.

Zapier’s automations are called Zaps. To get started, click on any of the templates. Here are the top 7 landing page builders:

1. KickoffLabs (Web) – The best landing page builder to create giveaways and competitions.

Sometimes, you may need to offer a little incentive for people to sign up for your email list. KickoffLabs is a great way to do this.

This email platform requires a little more effort than other apps on the list. The app is not meant to launch a landing page quickly. Instead, you create a campaign that has a specific goal. This could be to launch a new product or get new leads for your company.

Next, choose how you want to collect leads. You could create a pop-up for existing sites or a form, but you will likely need a landing page. The next step is to decide what type of promotion or competition you want.

You can either give points to people for referring others or give them a discount code or reward dollars or entry into sweepstakes.

The final step is to create the landing page. This process is much faster than other landing page editors. You can edit text by hovering your mouse over the column edges. Or, you can click the + button to add an image, a logo, or file download.

You can use pre-made content blocks to speed up the page design process. Publish the page directly or simply download an HTML copy to put on your server. This allows you to easily use KickoffLabs features with any website.

It’s possible to connect KickoffLabs and Zapier to automate adding leads to your email list or database.

KickoffLabs Pricing

It starts at $29/month for the Hobby Plan, and this allows for up to 2,000 unique visitors each month.


2. Mailchimp (Web)

Mailchimp is primarily an email marketing tool, but its landing page builder is quite powerful. It is great for signing up for email newsletters. However, you can also sell products by connecting to Square.

Go to Create > Landing Page. Click Begin, give it a name, and select your audience. Although there are only 10 themes available, they all have their own unique use cases.

After you have a base theme set up, you can start building your landing pages. Mailchimp uses a system called Blocks. These are things like images, text, and signup forms.

You can drag them around to reposition or arrange. Simply hover your mouse over any page to click on the drag handle.

Once you are done, click Save & Close to save the page and then click Publish to publish it. You can use Mailchimp as a domain, or you can create your own domain.

Zapier will automatically notify you or track information if people visit your landing page and sign up for your email newsletter.

Mailchimp Pricing

For 2,000 contacts and 10,000 emails per month, it’s free. The Essentials plan costs $9.99 monthly based on 500 contacts and 5,000 email messages. Premium features include more email templates, branding and A/B testing.

Mailchimp is not the only newsletter service to offer landing pages. ConvertKit and GetResponse were also available, but Mailchimp’s highly polished offering was most people’s favorite. I wouldn’t recommend changing to an email marketing tool without a landing page creator.

3. Wix (Web)

Wix allows you to create websites of any size and without the need for coding. Wix can make it easy to create a simple site by using one of its landing page themes. Click on the Edit button to edit the template that you like, and then you can instantly start editing your site.

Wix’s website editor makes things easy. Double-click text to edit it immediately. Formatting options are available in a pane just beside. You can also add new items using the buttons to the left. You can add icons, formatted text; social media embeds, and forms to the Add button.

Add third-party apps, blogs, stores, and other features to your landing page using the Add Apps or Start Blogging options. This is a great way to increase your website’s traffic over time.

Click the Save button, hover over it and click View Site history. This will give you a Google Docs-style revision log where you can roll back any changes to your page.

While there are many other website builders that you can use to build a site from scratch, Wix is the best for creating a landing page and allowing you to expand it later.

Wix Pricing

A basic site with 500MB bandwidth/month is free; a Combo account with 2GB bandwidth and no Wix ads costs $13/month.


4. Unbounce (Web) – Small businesses can use this landing page creator for a small budget.

Many landing page builders target digital entrepreneurs and people who do most of their business online. Unbounce offers many benefits for small businesses, such as dentists, lawyers, plumbers, and other professionals.

For $80/month, you can convert up to 500 people (which could be as simple as people filling out forms, clicking on your link, or signing up for your newsletter).

This is for those who make real money with their leads. Logging in will show you the status of your plan.

There are 101 templates available, which do most of the work of creating your landing page. Templates are available for small businesses such as restaurants, dentists, and coaches.

The editor is the best feature. You don’t have to put your content in boxes, unlike many other apps. Drag and drop items wherever you like. However, it is up for debate whether you should.

Unbounce’s true power lies in its targeting and A/B testing tools. From the Variant menu on the top toolbar, you can create multiple versions of your page. Unbounce will compare them to determine which one converts the most.

You can also dynamically replace the text on your page with what the person searched for. For example, you could make your headline “Human Resource Management Apps” and “HR Management Tools”, depending on what they were searching for.

Unbounce is a complex platform with many features. Take it slow, learn all options, and customize all graphics and text, including the thank you text after someone completes a form.

You’re likely spending quite a bit to make it happen. Therefore, you want to ensure you get your leads to where they are needed. Zapier integrates with Unbounce so that you can add new leads to your CRM and email marketing tools. Zapier offers more ways to automate Unbounce.

Unbounce Pricing

It starts at $80 per month for the Launch Plan, which includes 500 conversions, 20,000 monthly visits, and one custom domain.

This is the best way to build a landing page you can expand on later.

5. Instapage (Web) – Easy to use landing page creator for creating many landing pages

You might need a lot of landing pages if you have many products or target markets. This is where Instapage excels.

Each landing page is constructed around different blocks. These include the header, an image, some descriptive text, and a FAQ section.

You can even have just two buttons. Instapage makes it easy to create pages by combining blocks. The best part is that you can save your blocks to reuse them later. You may have created a great about section which you would like to reuse on other landing pages.

Click the three dots and then save them to my blocks. You can now click Insert Block to make it available. Enterprise customers can save blocks as Global Blocks, which can be updated at any time.

You can quickly add new information on hundreds or even thousands of landing pages in a matter of minutes.

It’s also helpful to have someone to help you with landing pages. Because of its collaboration tools, Instapage is the best tool for working with a group. You can all edit the page live, just like Google Docs.

Users can also add comments to any section to highlight issues they feel need to be fixed. Instapage includes heatmaps, dynamic text replacement, and A/B testing. These are great tools for fine-tuning many pages.

Integrating Instapage and Zapier allows you to automatically sign people up for your email list. These are just a few examples. You can use any email marketing tool or CRM.

  • You can add Mailchimp subscribers to Instapage forms submissions.
  • For Instapage submissions, create or update HubSpot contacts
  • More Instapage integrations powered by Zapier offers more ways to automate Instapage

Instapage Pricing

It starts at $199 per month to offer a Business account that includes up to six team members and unlimited landing pages. Pricing for Enterprise is tailored to your specific needs.


6. Landingi (Web) – Best landing page builder for professional marketers

Landingi offers a wide variety of templates for professional marketers who work with a number of clients. There are many templates that can be used to target different industries like construction or wedding photography.

Some even offer different products such as a free eBook or signup for a webinar. These templates don’t all have the same basic idea but are merely slightly modified versions. Each client will have their own landing page.

Landingi also boasts one of the best editors. This means that once you have a template you are able to push things forward. You can edit any design element by clicking on it in the sidebar to the right.

You can either use the visual editor or dial in CSS options if you are familiar with the code. You can drag a box to change its size or enter a width value. Then you can choose a color using a standard or hex code. This is great for when you need to use the client’s brand colors.

If your clients wish to host their own landing pages, you can export everything you create in Landingi to WordPress or to a custom server. You can still use all of its analytics and tracking features.

You can use Landingi with Zapier if you have the $89/month Create Plan or higher. This will allow you to automatically add leads to your email marketing tools.

7. Leadpages (Web) – The best landing page builder to sell products

You want a landing page that allows people to learn more about your product and then buy it in one place. Leadpages offers both the tools and the support you need. You can even stay focused while you build your page with Leadpages.

You can start by creating a template. Then click any item on the landing page design. The rest of the page will disappear a bit to allow you to focus on the one thing you are editing.

You can easily change the look of each item by using the floating panel that is next to it. This was my favorite editor to work with.

You can be creative with the page options and widgets in the left sidebar. Here you can add images, videos, forms and other media. If you own a restaurant, you can embed an OpenTable booking page.

You may create sections from the Sections menu. These blocks include an about section, plan pricing, or a call to action.

You can then add a checkout page to your landing pages if you have a Pro plan or higher. To process payments, create a Stripe account and drag the Checkout Box from the Widgets Sidebar to add a payment page. This is one of the fastest ways to create a single-product store.

Zapier integrates with Leadpages, so you can automatically reply to any person who fills out a form, or add them to an email marketing tool. These are just a few examples:

  • Send Gmail emails to Leadpages for new submissions
  • From new Leadpages submissions, add or update Mailchimp subscribers
  • More Leadpages integrations powered by Zapier offers more ways to automate Leadpages.

Leadpages Pricing

It starts at $37/month for the Standard Plan for One Site.



A web page can be hand-coded, and you can add one page for your product to any standard CMS such as WordPress. You’ll be more successful with something simpler. You will need a landing page to promote your new product.

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