Rev Transcription Application Review 2021

Rev Transcription Application Review 2021

Finding the right platform should be your first concern if you are looking for an online or remote job as a transcriber. The agency you work at will determine the type of transcription job you are offered, how long you work, and how much you earn for each job.

There are many transcription agencies. Each agency has its pros and cons. They all have their benefits and drawbacks. Rev is the largest transcription platform in the world.

It is the most trusted and reliable transcription service. They have 50,000 freelancers who understand the business and what they need to do. They are professional and take care to correct any transcription mistakes.

Rev is a major player in the transcription industry, employing the most brilliant freelance transcribers. It employs 50,000 freelancers. They offer a great career, no minimum hours, and a high salary.

Rev has been in transcription for more than 10 years. They have received numerous 5-star reviews from clients as well as remote transcription freelancers.

This post will take a closer look into how can help you make money online by providing transcription and captioning services.

What is Rev?

Rev is a captioning/transcribing service that offers a great way to make extra money. According to the website, Rev’s freelancing job is great for the flexibility and extra income that you get via PayPal.

You can work from anywhere you like. Rev allows you to work remotely from anywhere, including from home moms to college students or retirees.

This job involves listening to audio and video files, as well as accurately typing what you hear. It requires a good understanding of grammar and English.

If you meet these requirements, you will only need a computer with audio and an internet connection to get going. You can access the software, style guides, and support community online from your browser.

How does Rev work?

Rev can help customers who require a file to be captioned or transcribed for video or audio files. These files are then available to Rev to be claimed, listened to, captioned, transcribed and submitted before payment is made.

Freelancers called “Revvers” have completed a quiz and submitted a sample project. They are then approved to listen to or view customer files and type accurately.

Here’s what to expect from each job, according to the website:


  • Type accurately what you are saying
  • Label speakers
  • Listen to video or audio
  • Earn $0.30-$1.10 per audio/video minute


  • Type accurately and convey the meaning of what you are hearing.
  • Synchronize audio and video
  • Earn $0.54-$1.10 per audio/video minute

You can sign up to translate subtitles if you speak a foreign language fluently for $1.50-3.00 per audio/video min.

You will need to apply online in order to get started. You can expect to spend approximately an hour filling out the application. Here’s what to do after you have signed up as a freelancer:

You are given a quiz that tests your English grammar and language skills. You submit transcription or caption sample. Customers review this to make sure it meets their quality standards.

Finally, once you have been approved, you can register and begin earning immediately.

After you have registered and logged into the platform, you will be able to see the claimable projects in the workspace. You have one hour to choose whether you want to claim the project or not. You can see the payment immediately in your earnings tab if you submit the project.

A member of Rev’s Quality Assurance Team will review it and grade the work. No matter what grade you scored, you will receive a PayPal payment the next Monday. What Does Rev Make?

Rev states that freelancers can earn anywhere from $30 to $750 per month. Working around 15 hours per week, freelancers earn an average income of $400/month.

You can expect to earn $0.30 to $1.10 an audio/video minute depending on which job you apply for, and what projects you claim. Depending on the complexity of the project and your typing speed, it may take you longer to complete each audio/video minute.

You can anticipate spending approximately 3-5 minutes captioning and transcribing each audio/video clip when you claim a project. This means that if you claim a project of 5 minutes, you can expect to work on it for 20 minutes. The reality is that you can complete Rev projects in two hours. You will earn about $16.

As you work on more projects, your hourly earnings will increase. Here are some examples of the highest levels you can achieve to increase your earnings in captioning:

When you have completed 60 minutes of work that conforms to company standards, you will be eligible for more caption jobs at a higher pay per audio/video min.

You’ll get Revver+ access if you can caption 1,200 minutes per day for a period of 120 days. This will allow you to claim projects before Revvers. You can then apply to Rev’s quality assurance team and earn a fee for grading completed projects of other freelancers.

Your earnings are cumulative from Sunday to Saturday. On Monday, you can expect a PayPal deposit.

Now, How Do You Get Started?

Click the button “Start transcribing Rev” at the top to sign up. You will be taken to the Rev application screen, where you can fill in your details.

Then, you can download a brief presentation that outlines what freelance transcribers should expect.

The application process for Rev is standard in terms of transcription applications. Rev uses the same procedure to test new transcribers: a written text/online exam, and a sample of work.

It is quite common for freelancing clients to ask you to do sample work before they start working with you. Do not be alarmed if they request a sample transcription.

Every transcription agency requires you to pass a similar test. Rev gives a slightly more difficult and stricter test in terms of grammar and errors.

They will give you a PowerPoint that you can review. It will outline what they expect you to do, how to correct grammar errors in transcripts, what you should or shouldn’t do, and all other information you need.

It should take no more than a few hours to complete the online exam and submit your sample work. Rev will contact you within 7-10 days after you submit your sample piece.

Most freelancers have positive reviews. It is not possible to speak with one person at a time. An automated email will let you know if you passed or failed the test. You can find more information on Rev from former freelancers at Indeed and Glassdoor.

Working Environment

Rev is proud to have zero errors for its clients, claiming a 99.9%+ error-free rate. This rate is the highest among any transcription service.

An experienced transcriptionist will also review every transcript you create. After they have reviewed your work, they will give you feedback and point out any errors. This is great for your career, but not if you are looking to make quick cash online.

Your checker and management team will deactivate your account if you make repeated errors. Both Indeed and Glassdoor reviews have shown that Rev will immediately deactivate transcribers’ accounts without explanation.

Most 1-star reviews and negative feedback on Indeed and Glassdoor about Rev come from former transcribers who were either rejected from the transcription application or had their accounts deactivated.

They score a total of 3.8/5 on Indeed and Glassdoor. They have 81 percent of in-house transcribers who recommended them to a family or friend.

I suggest that you not put all your eggs into one basket if you choose Rev. You will lose your work if you make repeated transcription errors. I recommend that you create a freelancing account alongside your Rev Agency work.

Spread is a great option if you feel like you are making too many mistakes and taking too much time to complete your transcription work. It is an AI transcription program that you can use to quickly start transcribing.

Rev has received a lot of negative reviews, particularly when it comes to its management. A freelancer (experienced in this field) will review your work and give feedback on the quality of your transcriptions.

They will deactivate your account if you make too many mistakes. You will then be unable to work for Rev.

Ex-freelancers leave the majority of negative reviews complaining about being deactivated for doing “nothing wrong”.

Glassdoor and Indeed allow you to see reviews. They average 3.8/5. However, there are many 1-star reviews that dissatisfied freelancers, who had their accounts deactivated, left.

If Rev is your choice, don’t try to put all your eggs into one basket.


Rev pays an average of $1,500 per month for a general transcriber. It is a good earning amount but not as high as TranscribeMe. It pays between $0.30 and $1.10 per audio transcription. Subtitles and translation are also eligible for this increase.

Rev charges $1.25 per audio transcription. It charges $12.50 for each 10-minute video a client submits to Rev. This is the highest salary in the industry.

This is a great deal considering you don’t need to look for work, it just happens. There is no minimum work hours and you can work wherever and whenever you want.

Revs can earn $0.30 to $1.10 per minute depending on the task you have.

The payment on Rev is dependent on several factors. These factors can include captioning/subtitles/translating, quality of transcript, experience, length of transcript/recording, number of errors in a transcript, the difficulty of recording/accent, transcribing/correcting speed, and more.

Rev can pay $0.30 to $1.10 per audio transcribed, depending on these factors.

This is for beginners. It does not mean that you will get paid $1.10 for every minute of work. It means that you can get paid up to $1.10 for each minute of audio transcriptions you make.

The biggest factor in how much you earn will depend on how fast and accurate you are at transcribing. Spread is a great tool to help you speed up this process.

Rev’s average transcriber earns approximately $1,500 per monthly. This is a good salary considering that you can choose your work hours and where you work. The work practically falls in your lap with no minimum hours.

Other transcription agencies like TranscribeMe report an average earning of $2,200. However, TranscribeMe does not pay as much as Rev per minute for transcription audio. Because there are fewer transcribers competing for the same work, TranscribeMe transcribers make higher average earnings.

TranscribeMe has a handful of thousand transcribers. Rev, however, has more than 50,000. It may have more clients than Rev, but there is still a lot of competition.

The overall Rev Job pays well if a transcriber is competent and doesn’t make too many mistakes. You can make upwards of $2,500 per month if you are able to transcribe quickly and accurately.

Biggest Pro:

  • The biggest name in transcription is Rev. They have a multitude of freelancers and clients who are eager to help you.
  • Rev offers a very high potential pay rate ($1.10 per hour for a general transcriber) and is an excellent option for experienced transcribers that can quickly transcribe with high accuracy. It offers a much better opportunity to make a lot of money than other transcription agencies.
  • Rev is notorious for being strict about transcription errors, so finding work as a transcriptionist after Rev will not be difficult.
  • Employers would see your previous work at Rev and believe that you’re a skilled high-level transcriber. This is particularly important for corporate transcription jobs.

Biggest Con:

  • Rev’s worst feature is actually one of their best. They are so strict about correcting transcription errors.
  • You are bound to make mistakes when you start transcription. Even experts who have been doing this for many years will make mistakes. However, you can control how many errors you make, get feedback from your peers, and engage in practice to avoid making any more.
  • These reviews state that if you make too many transcription errors, your account may be removed without warning.
  • This is a huge blow to transcribers just starting out their careers. Although it may seem harsh, Rev must do this in order to keep their errors low and their clients satisfied.


TranscribeMe and other transcription agencies offer better support. They even have a section on their website that is dedicated to helping you improve. These platforms offer progression programs and want you to succeed on your journey.

If you are a beginner and need reliable work, they will be great for you. However, it is possible to not make much because of their strict error rules.


You can make a lot as a professional transcriptionist if you aren’t making many mistakes. Rev is an excellent place to work as a remote or online transcriptionist if you want to make little errors and earn a decent wage.

They will work great for beginners who need reliable work. However, it may not be a good option as it will take you so long to complete the task due to their strict error rules.

Please don’t be discouraged if your account is deleted. You can still find other transcription agencies who would love to use your services.

You may want to consider moving up to Rev’s captioner program if you are an intermediate transcriber. The starting pay for Rev’s captioner program is slightly higher.

If you are looking for a remote or online job as a transcriptionist, Rev is the place to be. Spread can help you speed up your transcription, detect errors with AI and create content from transcripts. Spread is the best way to increase your average transcription earnings.

You don’t need to have a full-time job to earn extra income. You can now find online freelance work for extra money with no commitment.

It’s possible to make additional income as a freelance transcriptionist/captioner at Rev. This is especially true if you are a skilled typist.

You may not earn as much more at first than a part-time or traditional job. As a freelancer, you can earn more hourly as you work on more projects.


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