How to Earn More Swagbucks

How to Earn More Swagbucks

Swagbucks is my favorite way to earn gift card
points. They have paid over 100 million dollars in rewards to users, so I’m not the only one! Are you not a Swagbucks member? Register today! This is hands down the best way to make money online and it’s totally free!

Let me be clear, Swagbucks will not make you rich, but it can help you cover your expenses (like Christmas). Swagbucks can seem confusing at first. After some trial and error, you will finally figure out how to make Swagbucks work for you.

You can earn hundreds of dollars per year by completing Swagbucks tasks. All of these tasks can be completed while multitasking or working at your computer. You love it more as you get used to it.

How Can You Earn Swagbucks?

You can search the internet through Swagbucks. This is the easiest way to earn lots of dollars from Swagbucks. You have two options: search directly on Swagbucks’ homepage, or download the Swag Button (which most people did). You can download the Swag Button for 50 Swagbucks!

Simply download the program and set Swagbucks to be your default search engine. Earn Swagbucks instantly! You can also explore all the other features you can do with it.

Swagbucks coupons are available for printing. This is one of the greatest things you can do on the platform! Swagbucks will be credited for each coupon that you redeem at your local grocery shop. This one is not for everyone.

The earnings can take up to three months to show up in your account, though it does not usually take that long to appear in any account. However, it can vary depending on how fast certain places process coupons.

The printable coupons can be found by clicking on the shop link in the left menu, then choosing grocery coupons from the left menu.

Participate in the daily poll. Voting will earn you 1 Swagbuck each day. The daily poll is located in the sidebar under Redeem.

You must make sure to complete the daily tasks (previously called No Obligation Special Offers, or NOSO). Although this one may seem tedious as you must scroll through all the offers, you won’t need to sign up for everyone to receive your Swagbucks reward at the end.

You can either download the Swagbucks TV app, or you can watch the video directly on the Swagbucks website. You can also download the app to your tablet or phone if you don’t use the computer as much.

The app can be left running continuously, which will allow you to earn up to 40 Swagbucks per day without actually doing anything. Keep an eye on your device though, sometimes the videos pause and you will need to click play again.

If you want to watch rather from your personal computer, you will see the Swagbucks TV in the left menu bar labeled as Watch. These are usually turned on while you are working on your computer, and then let them run in the background. This is a great way to slowly accumulate points while multitasking.

Participate in Surveys

Swagbucks provides similar opportunities to paid surveys, but you earn Swagbucks rather than cash. If you don’t qualify for surveys often, you can skip them and concentrate on other reliable earning opportunities.

Enroll in Swagbucks Games

The platform has a myriad of flash-based quickie game options that will reward you with Swagbucks whenever you complete a game session. There is a maximum daily limit of 10 Swagbucks.

Reach your daily goal. You can earn enough Swagbucks for your daily goal, and you will get a bonus.

  • Follow Swagbucks via Twitter to keep an eye out for SB codes!
  • Follow Swagbucks via Facebook to keep an eye out for SB codes!
  • Swagbucks is on Instagram. If you follow them, you will receive periodic SB codes.

Keep checking the Swagbucks Blog for new SB codes. You can access the official blog by clicking here.

Refer Friends

When you share your sign up link, you will earn referral Swagbucks. Your referral will earn 10% as long as they are active on Swagbucks. There is no limit to this! You get 50 Swagbucks if they earn 500 SB. You earn more if they are active.

Check Out the Special Offers on the Site

Swagbucks is the best way to earn
if you shop online a lot. Spend at least $1 from Amazon, Walmart, or Target to earn Swagbucks.

Swagbucks are earned for every dollar spent when you make a purchase from a participating vendor (such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.). Swagbucks usually range from 2-4 per dollar.

It takes approximately a month for your account to be credited, but once it does, it is a nice boost to daily earnings!

How to Make $500+ per Year

You will earn 50 SB per week (when you use it as a search engine) x 52 weeks = 2,600 SB per annum

You get 100 BONUS Swag codes per Month x 12 Months = 1,200 SB per Year

You can redeem 10 coupons per week (one hundred SB per week) x 52 weeks = 5,200 SB annually).

Take the daily poll at 1 SB x 365 days = 365 SB/year

Take a minimum of one survey per day, 60 SB x 360 = 21,600 SB annually

Refer 10 friends at the pay rate of 100 SB each and make 1,000 SB each year.

You can watch videos on the Mobile App at 50 SB per Day x 365 Days = 18,250 SB/Annum

You can watch videos on your laptop or desktop to earn 10 SB per day x365 = 3,650 SB/year

If you play 2 games daily at the pay rate of 2 SB/day x 365 Days, it will amount to 730 SB/year

Add all of this together and you will get over 54,700 Swagbucks. That’s $547 worth of gift cards. This is a passive list. You can also earn more Swagbucks if you keep at it.


Swagbucks can be used to purchase gift cards. The $5 gift certificate, which costs 450 SBs, is the best.

You can only redeem 5 like prizes each month. So make sure you get your Amazon gift card as soon as possible after you have earned 450 Swagbucks.

After your Swagbucks gift cards have been verified and your account has been set up, you can transfer your gift cards to your account.


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