Advanced Affiliate Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Income

Affiliate marketing is the key to online success for any blogger or internet marketer.

Are you one of those bloggers who regularly publish affiliate posts and then keep updating their affiliate dashboards in order to see the cash flow?

A successful blogger should have affiliate marketing revenue. However, much of the advice is geared towards beginners. These are my top affiliate marketing strategies to help you get to the next level of blogging.

How Do You Build Trust?

It is long past the time when you could just add affiliate links to your website and expect sales to come in. Smart people are intelligent. This is Generation X. They think twice before clicking on any link.

Affiliate marketing is based on trust. You must win their hearts if you want them to buy your products. How can you build trust?

Here are some tips.

Transparency is key to building trust. People are more likely to trust bloggers who post their income and traffic reports monthly.

  • You need to be honest.
  • Readers’ comments should count
  • Your avatar image should resonate with your audience.
  • You can add your photos to your sidebar or in some posts.
  • You can use a premium theme for your blog.
  • You can create content that is so helpful that people will send you a thank-you message or mail.
  • Set up a Facebook group.
  • Include a disclaimer about using affiliate links in your posts.

Building trust takes time. This requires dedication. Affiliate marketing is something you must take seriously. You should also build relationships with your prospects. It is important to continually strive to improve your marketing skills and build trust.

Do not fall for the quick-money trap at the expense of trust. It is easy to lose trust. However, it can take a long time to rebuild the same.

Monetize your popular posts. This is one of my favorite strategies that I discovered later in my blogging career.

Simply login to Google Analytics and create a list of pages that drive a lot of traffic to your site. Think about whether you can promote any products by using the popularity of your posts.

You can find an affiliate product that is related to a post you have published on your blog by simply going to the post, updating it, and including an affiliate link.

In your most popular posts, include the affiliate link and provide additional information. Only promote the product if it is relevant to your post. This skill requires creativity and practice.

To promote popular posts, you can add a sidebar widget to your blog. This will allow you to funnel some of your visitors directly to your most trending posts.

Email Marketing Strategies

List building is one of the most important reasons to blog. You are wasting a lot of money if you don’t build your list.

This is an easy way to promote products. Here are some advanced strategies for affiliate marketing via email list.

  • Multiple lists are always a good idea.
  • Your niche has sub-niches.
  • Traffic generation is a working option.
  • Link building works
  • And so on…

These people are the ones you need to build your lists. You need to create lists around these interests.

This will increase trust and boost CTR for your newsletters and emails. Next, you must promote the products to these people. You can increase your income by delivering the right products to the right people.

It’s so simple!

It is crucial to stay in touch with your email subscribers. You can build trust by providing valuable content and engaging with your subscribers.

Ask your subscribers occasionally what problems they are having. This will help you understand the problems your subscribers face. It can help you close a deal by exposing the problems they face in their niche.

Offer Affiliate Incentives

To increase your affiliate conversion rate, it is a good idea to offer your audience personal incentives for choosing your product.

This is the best way to make your product stand out from the rest. This will allow you to easily reach the top of the charts.

Because people love getting free stuff when they buy any product, it works. You may give bonuses to help people leverage the product or PDFs that are related to the product niche. It could also have a direct connection to people who are purchasing the product.

Make sure to offer bonuses that address any negative aspects of the product you’re promoting.

Mention your bonus in your review posts, banner ads, and promotional email newsletters. Your bonuses should be so appealing that your readers will choose your product.

A/B-test your sidebar affiliate ads. Do not be afraid!

This is a simple way to see which banner ads attract more clicks. This is similar to A/B Testing in Email Marketing (determining which email subject line works best).

It is a known fact that colors can affect conversions. It depends on your blog design whether you are able to decide which colors work best for banner ads, or general promotion of a product.

Split-testing your site with different banner ads is the best way to find out which one performs best. Seems simple right?

Ad Injection plugin is the best plugin for split testing banner ads. This plugin will help you determine which variant is the most effective for your banner ads.

You can increase your conversions up to 200% by A/B testing banner ads.

Types of Blog Posts for Affiliates

Many bloggers believe that publishing reviews are the best way to promote affiliate products. It’s not true! Below are some examples of content formats that you can use to promote affiliate offers.

  • Review posts
  • Comparison posts
  • Coupon posts
  • Alternatives to a Product
  • Tutorial posts
  • How to use a product
  • A case study on a product
  • The best products to accomplish something
  • The best products below $$$

You shouldn’t include affiliate links in all your blog posts blindly. Only add affiliate links to high-performing blog posts and those that are likely to convert.

Launch Jacking

This is simply selling, using the initial buzz that a product generates after it’s launched.

Product owners may provide launch offers for new products after they have been released for a week or so. You may receive discounts or bonuses.

Your job now is to test the product and tease subscribers and readers with the launch offer, deadline, and importance of the product. To increase conversions, you can offer incentives.


You need to be aware of new product launches and their potential conversion potential. You need to evaluate whether your audience benefits from the new product and then promote it at the right moment.

These are the best strategies to increase your affiliate sales. This piece is a good starting point for potential affiliate marketers.

It is important to establish trust with your audience and to pitch the right products to them.

Identify Your Pillar Products

You should have pillar posts, which are long-form resource posts that you can refer to on your blog. However, you should also have a few pillar products you can promote as an affiliate. Ensure to relate these products to your core content categories.

For example, if you’re a blogger about homeschooling, your pillar affiliate products could include your favorite place for curriculum, printables, or your favorite planner. You might also have a support group, membership site, or community.

Consider the most frequently asked questions that you get when searching for products. If you are passionate about more than one product in a particular category, you might consider narrowing the list to one affordable or beginner product and one more expensive or more advanced product.

Too many choices can lead readers to look elsewhere for advice or reviews.

Configure Redirects

There are many benefits to redirecting. You can switch out one link, have every link updated, and you will also have “clean” links to share on social media. Rather than having a link that looks like, you can have links that look like

It is possible to recall the latter without needing to click on a link every time you make a recommendation.

You can create redirects by uploading a .htaccess file to your site’s root directory. Or, you can use the Pretty Links plugin.

Google Analytics: Track Outgoing Links

You should use Pretty Links
Pro’s statistics plugin. Event tracking is a feature of Google Analytics that allows you to see which posts make you the most money. You can promote and update these frequently to improve your bottom line.

Event tracking also allows you to see which traffic is clicking and most likely buying. This allows you to focus your marketing efforts on the areas that are delivering the most results, whether it is Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Pretty Links Pro also integrates with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Event Tracking

Use URL Builder to Share Links in Emails and Social Media

Google Analytics is a great tool for affiliate marketers, but it doesn’t provide enough information to show you where your traffic is coming from.

It takes only seconds to begin reducing your traffic sources. Google URL Builder allows you to add tracking tags before sharing your link via social media, email, or ad. A Chrome extension can capture the URL and save frequent campaigns.

This extension is a great tool for weekly newsletters. The traffic will start to trickle down to your affiliate links.

URL Builder can only track links to your website. This will not allow you to track affiliate links. Tracking tags that you add to your affiliate partner’s Google Analytics would be visible.

Optimize Old Posts

Many bloggers begin affiliate marketing by thinking that they must create content that is focused on the product they are promoting. Then they realize that affiliate marketing is not effective if the glowing product review doesn’t bring in immediate income.

It’s often difficult to sell to existing customers if you only write product reviews, even if they don’t specifically ask for it.

Rethink your approach. You can go to Google Analytics to pull a list of your most popular posts for this year, or this quarter. Go to Behavior > Site Content > All pages to see your most popular posts. Export your top 25. Under Show Rows, you can change the number shown at the end of the list.

These posts are often visited and should be updated. Check that the information is current. Ensure that all links are still working. Start to plug in the pillar products that you think are a good fit. Do not put them all together. Choose strategically instead.

Think back to the homeschool example. If the post is about curriculum, add a recommendation of where to buy those products. Include your affiliate banner in the post. Don’t go overboard. Recommendations shouldn’t be taken away from the original post.

This is a better way to approach affiliate marketing than writing reviews. You should update older posts every few months. Add your suggestions as you create new content.

Brainstorming Ideas to Find Unique Ways to Promote Pillar Products

In the last year, I’ve learned to embrace the idea of finding unique ways to promote my favorite products. Many bloggers leave content with the status quo of a review and banner.

There are many ways to share your favorite products in a genuine and engaging manner that provides immense value to your readers. These opportunities can help you increase your authority, reach, and credibility.

  • Host a webinar where your favorite product creator can share industry tips
  • You can host a social media contest via Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest
  • Request a coupon to be sent out to your newsletter subscribers
  • Make an email series with autoresponders
  • Create YouTube Tutorials and Tips Videos
  • Photos of you using your favorite products can be shared on social media

Don’t be afraid of trying new things and thinking outside the box. With the possible exception of couponing, all of these are “soft-sell” techniques. Your love for the product is shared in a sincere and value-driven manner.

Even if they don’t purchase the product linked to, they still walk away with something, even if it is a feeling-good moment.

Pro Affiliate Plugins

I use several plugins to save time and increase sales as an affiliate marketer who earns a full-time passive income.

Pretty Links Pro – This one was mentioned earlier. From within the editor, I can add affiliate links
directly to my blog posts. You can view stats right down to the page level. Let’s not forget, when a link or program changes, there is only one place that you need to update, rather than hunting for dozens of links.

EasyAzon – This allows me to search and add Amazon products directly to my posts within the editor. It is a great time-saver! And, I can localize my Amazon links. If a visitor clicks through from outside the U.S., I still get a commission.

ConvertKit – I just moved my newsletter list to ConvertKit. It’s easy to add content upgrades to my blog without creating a new subscriber list each time.

Each new subscriber receives a free gift, whether it’s my 7-day Work-at-Home series, a list with my favorite blog tools, or another goodie. These gifts can be as many as they wish and I only charge them once. They also only get one weekly newsletter.


Are you convinced that just by posting about potential products, you can make a decent living online?

This is just not possible. It takes hard work and a lot of learning to be successful in affiliate marketing. This post has shown you advanced affiliate marketing techniques that can increase your income.

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