ClickBank Affiliate Review (2021): Pros and Cons

ClickBank Affiliate Review (2021): Pros and Cons

ClickBank has existed for a while; in fact, since 1998. It is, therefore, one of the oldest networks in the industry.

ClickBank is unique in that it focuses on digital products. It does, however, sometimes include physical products.

Is ClickBank Still Worth the Effort?

The sign up process for their program is simple. You are required to enter personal details such as your name, phone number, email address, and street address. Sign up pages are available in six languages.

After you have entered your personal information, click on “Continue to Terms & Conditions”. Scroll down quickly to accept the Terms and Conditions.

Once that’s completed, you can click on “Join ClickBank!” You’re only allowed to receive direct deposits to your residential location.

Unfortunately, affiliate networks cannot operate in certain countries due to legal restrictions and fraud. If you are an affiliate marketer who lives in one of these countries, you won’t be accepted into the program.

Before signing up for any program, make sure you read the TOS. Next, you will be offered free training.

Clickbank Training

A “Welcome Video” is also included. This video subtly attempts to sell ClickBank vendors for a monthly subscription.

Then, you’ll be encouraged to complete your publisher profile. This will include payment details and contact information.

Next, you need to tell them whether you are an affiliate, a seller or a researcher. This may sound strange, but in order to use certain features, you must create an account in your desired name. This is what ClickBank calls your “Nickname”.

Clickbank Nickname

This will also be part of your referral URL, so it shouldn’t exceed ten characters. This is where you can get creative and use something that’s related to your niche, e.g. pets1000. This is a second step that can be annoying. It used to be part of the sign up process.

Once you have done that, you can now move around the ClickBank marketplace to promote digital products. Wait! They don’t ask you for traffic or website details during sign-up. Nope.

Clickbank can help you promote brands. This is where you will discover that you are dealing with a different kind of affiliate network.

ClickBank sells digital and physical products. These are brand names that you won’t recognize. They might have appeared in your social media feeds or pop-ups through retargeting campaigns.

ClickBank has a lot of health supplements as their top-selling products. This is an interesting fact. This is a significant improvement on even a decade earlier. It’s easy to use.

Clickbank Dashboard

Many affiliate dashboards include their own training tutorials. So you know what to expect: a UX nightmare! ClickBank is a different story. It’s a blank canvas that offers a few functions.

  • Dashboard
  • Tickets
  • Transactions
  • Reporting
  • Accounts
  • Users
  • Affiliate market
  • Profile
  • Support

The only one of these that needs to be explained is “Transactions” – this is extremely useful in tracking down serial refunders. The “Marketplace” button is what is most interesting to everyone.

Clickbank Marketplace

This is where ClickBank offers are available for promotion. ClickBank Marketplace is the place where all the actions take place. It also shows how old the platform is.

Clickbank Marketplace Overview

Even though their interface is horrible by modern standards, it’s still doing the same job for 22 years. This is where you can find lucrative affiliate programs.

This can be done by either searching keywords or browsing specific categories, and filtering the results.

If you were to search for all ClickBank affiliate programs that promote fat loss, you would simply type the related keyword.

It is worth noting that ClickBank’s ability for results to be sorted by “Keyword Relevance” often drops off after the second or third page. This is how their keyword search functionality works.

However, you can filter by different metrics like “Popularity” and “Gravity”.

How does the Term “Gravity” Relate to Affiliate Marketing?

ClickBank decided, in its immeasurable wisdom, to not use the same EPC metrics as any other affiliate network on this planet. They did, but chose to call it “Gravity”.

The network has many metrics that can be used to filter search results by keyword or category keywords.

Clickbank Product Metrics

Gravity is an approximation of the product’s conversion rate. A higher number is better.

  • Initial $/sale: How much an affiliate earns for the first sale, minus any monthly payments
  • Avg. %/Sale: The commission that an affiliate marketer receives for each sale
  • Avg Re-bill Total: It is the average monthly recurring amount that the vendor charges customers
  • Avg. %/Rebill: The percentage of recurring payments you receive

Let’s now look at the various categories found in the “Marketplace”:

These categories (Health & Fitness, e-Marketing, e-business, and more) will be more profitable and popular than others. Some of the categories are.

ClickBank automatically populates a list with available programs if you drill down to the ‘Health & Fitness” category.

Clickbank Marketplace Metrics Filter

To narrow down your search results, you can add filters.

In the example above, I made it so that it would only show me products that have:

  • A Gravity score of 20 or higher; and
  • A $20 US “Initial sale” value

Why would you choose a score of 20 for Gravity?

You can refine your results
further by adding additional attributes.

  • Required Product Types
  • Required Language(s)
  • Required Types of Billing
  • Required Attribute(s)

Clickbank Marketplace Search Attributes

If you are only interested in ClickBank programs that offer recurring compensation, you can filter by “Rebill”.

You can limit the products that are available in a specific language to be included in your results; or that actually ships physical products to customers.

ClickBank is the most competitive network in product-finding. It would be nice if the interface was not so ugly.

This is not the only problem. Affiliates tend to search for products that have a high “Gravity score” and/or an initial sale value.

The majority of the features are just window dressing.

Creating Affiliate Links

ClickBank makes it easy to create affiliate links. You simply need to find the product you wish to promote and then click on “Promote”.

You will see a pop-up window where you can add the account nickname that you created during the setup process.

Clickbank Hoplinks

To create your hoplink, click on “Generate Hoplinks”. They are called “Hoplinks” because they have a distinctive name.

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