CJ Affiliate Review (2021)

CJ Affiliate Review (2021)

Are you wondering what CJ Affiliate is and why you should join this affiliate network? You need not wonder anymore. I will be sharing a CJ affiliate review with a beginner’s guide in order to help you get started in 2021.

Let’s start with the basics:

CJ Affiliate was founded in 1998 under the name Commission Junction. That name was retained until ValueClick acquired it in 2003.

ValueClick was renamed Conversant after a brief period. The network was then known as Commission Junction for a while. They have now changed the name to CJ Affiliate.

Although their official name is CJ Affiliate today, the network’s most loyal affiliates who knew them for at least a few years prior to the rebranding continue to call it Commission Junction.

Even though you might see me slip up a few times through this article, I may still choose to use the older name because it’s what I used to for so many years.

I felt the need to clarify this as affiliates may be confused by all the name changes and not know which network they are in.

Let’s now get to it:

What is CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate is, as the name implies, an affiliate network. CJ Affiliate is consistently rated one of the top affiliate networks in the entire online world. It’s a well-respected network. As you’ll see in this post, this network is simply amazing.

CJ is a great tool for affiliate marketing. It received incredible support and worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the world. I am proud to be an associate for Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads). This is only possible through CJ Affiliate.

What sets CJ Affiliate apart from other affiliate networks?

1. Amazing Insights & Analytics

Its auto-updated balance feature really is incredible. No more need to refresh the page manually to check if there are any new sales or commissions.

CJ’s real-time reporting means you don’t need to hit the F5 (or Reload) button. You can simply leave your CJ Affiliate dashboard open as a tab and it will update itself automatically.

The insights, oh my! Access to tons of data about how you generated commissions and other information that can help you improve your affiliate marketing skills.

2. Amazing Affiliate Programs and Special Offers

CJ Affiliate has over 3,000 merchants. This includes some of the most famous brands like Norton, Microsoft, and NIKE, Crew, Priceline and Barnes & Noble, Xfinity Walgreens, Verizon Wireless, Disney, Samsung, and many more.

3. Higher Commissions

Did you know that CJ Affiliate paid over $1.8 billion to its affiliates last year?

I don’t know if you think so, but that seems like a lot of big-baller shit. It’s not something you will see in a regular CPA network. Perhaps not in a lifetime!

CJ Affiliate pays its affiliates promptly, and they also get some nice, juicy commissions.

While some categories may have lower percentages e.g. Amazon Associates, 2%-10%, others can pay hundreds of dollars per lead or sale.

It all depends on what niche you are promoting. The commission for physical affiliate products, such as clothes and accessories, will be lower than that for digital products like software and leads.

4. CJ Affiliate Has Stellar Support

A great network should always have amazing support service. I am happy to report that CJ affiliate does that.

Their help team of experts was quick to respond and help me when I had any issues. For example, I forgot to update my payment method, and it bounced back.

I needed clarification on a particular program’s rules. In all cases, I received a response within 24 hours. It was simply amazing.

You can access the support center to find common questions answered. However, you can also contact CJ Affiliate via email or live chat. There is no phone number.

5. These Help You Kick-Start Your Affiliate Journey

CJ’s Content Certification is open to anyone who has created a website or blog that contains great content and receives a minimum of 10,000 page views per month.

You can focus more on content writing and less on applying for advertisers and affiliate marketing through the content certification program.

CJ Affiliate will instead connect you with more than 600 brands instantly, so you can begin earning immediately without the need to request each one individually.

To qualify, your traffic must be mostly from the US, UK, and Canada.

CJ Affiliate Sign-up Requirements

CJ Affiliate is a publisher program that doesn’t require you to meet many requirements. You must be at least 18 years old and have a website.

This only applies to CJ Affiliate. Then, you will need to apply individually for each advertiser.

You will need to be aware of the rules and requirements of each advertiser before you apply to become an affiliate to promote their products and services.

Your CJ Affiliate account could be deactivated if you do not make any sales within 6 months. Similar to Amazon Associates, it’s the same story.

If you want to keep your account active, it is best to have a site that gets some traffic and can generate some sales from time to time.

CJ Affiliate Sign up Process

The CJ Affiliate’s signup process is simple. Go to CJ.com, and click the sign up button at the top-right.

Remember to register as an advertiser and not a publisher. You already knew that, right?

Sign up to become a CJ Affiliate

Next, enter your name, email address and password. For tax purposes, you will need to choose your country of residence.

Tax is a topic that you need to address. After confirming your email address, you will receive an email about it shortly after signing up.

Go to Account > Administrative Setting > Tax Information (EDIT). This step is essential if you want to be paid.

Next, you will need to create your network profile. You’ll also need to add information about your website and blogs that you intend to promote Commission Junction offers with.

CJ Affiliate Network Profile

Your description should be professional. Include all important information about your website/blog and any promotional methods. Advertisers will first see this when you apply for their product promotion.

You must apply to advertisers on CJ. If you want to promote any product/service, you have to join their Content Certification program.

This description of you and the main promotion method/property that you use is very important. It can be thought of as a CV.

Once you are done, it is time to add your promotional properties. Click on the big button (Manage Promotional Properties), and you’ll be redirected directly to a page that allows you to add social media and websites.

Promotional Property CJ

Choose a website if you intend to promote affiliate programs through your website. Choose social if you are an influencer with a large following on social media. You can choose email if you have an email list that you use for affiliate marketing.

You will be asked different questions depending on which property you are interested in using and you will need to fill out different fields.

You would most likely choose the website option. To do this, you will need to include your URL as well as additional details like the site name and promotional model. You can now apply to the affiliate programs you wish to promote.

While you wait for them to respond, you can work out your payment information. It is possible that it will take up to 48 hours for the advertisers to approve or deny your request. It all depends on the advertiser (also known by affiliate vendor), and it’s not up to CJ.com staff.

CJ Affiliate Payment Methods

CJ Affiliate only offers a handful of payment options, including direct bank transfer, check, and Payoneer. Unfortunately, they do not accept PayPal. However, Payoneer offers great international affiliate solutions with very low fees.

CJ pays affiliates on Net-20 terms. This means that payments will be sent on or after the 20th of each month if there is a sufficient balance.

Direct deposit requires a minimum balance of $50 to be eligible for payment. A check, however, is limited to $100. For certain currencies, such as the Euro and Sterling Pound, the minimum balance is $25 US.

What Affiliate Programs Can You Find on CJ Affiliate?

The CJ Affiliate network offers many affiliate programs. You will find products and services from almost every category on the platform with over 3,000 merchants.

Click on the Advertisers link at the top of the menu to find affiliate programs. You will be taken to a page looking like this: Commission Junction affiliate programs.

This page will allow you to browse all affiliate programs. When you find one that is relevant to your audience or website, click “Apply to Program” and submit an application.

You can filter advertisers further from the left side of the screen based on categories and serviced areas.

CJ Affiliate Programs

You can see that there are many categories you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular CJ Affiliate programs:

  • Furniture
  • Computer & Electronics
  • Beauty
  • Wellness
  • Accessories
  • Financial Services
  • Internet Services
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Travel

You should only apply for programs you believe you can promote, and not spamming applies to all.

Don’t worry if you are denied. You can try to go to a competitor’s site or look for general offers that can be promoted anywhere. This will allow you to build up your reputation and experience.

What are Network Earnings in CJ?

Network earnings are a measure of how an affiliate program is performing across the CJ Affiliate network. It shows how much money they make from sales generated through affiliates.

A high-network earnings affiliate program means that the product/service is very popular among publishers and converts a lot. CJ’s network earnings range between 0 and 5.

The program’s lowest score is 0 which means it gets very few sales. It can go up to 5, which indicates that their product is extremely popular and one of the most successful programs in the network.

What does CJ Affiliate do?

Commission Junction operates in the same way as any other affiliate network. Sign up, get approved and then copy/paste your unique affiliate links to your website or promotional properties.

Here’s how it works:

Once you have been granted permission to promote an affiliate product/service, visit Advertisers > Select my Active Advertisers > Click Search as follows:

Simply click on the Get Links button (step 3).

The page will redirect you to the affiliate link page for your product or service. You will find a variety of promotional materials depending on which advertiser you are dealing with.

Text and banner links are the most popular. You can choose the one that is most appropriate for your promotion method and content.

Banner ads and text links can be used if you have a website. You can choose to only use content links if you promote on social media or by email.

You can do it all. However, you must follow the terms of the program. You will find the “Get Code” button next to the ad creatives.

Click on the button to expand the field under the promo ad. There are a few options available for you to grab your affiliate link. It’s up to the user to choose which code they want to use. There are three options available:

  • HTML Code
  • JavaScript code
  • Click URL (Simple Link)

Simply copy and paste the code you think is best for your promotion method. You can copy and paste the click URL to promote CJ Affiliate products in your blog posts.

If you’re looking to add affiliate products or offers to your app, or to make your site more dynamic, you can use HTML or JavaScript code.

Pay attention to the SID field. This field can be used to identify each affiliate link. This is useful if you promote the exact same link several times on your blog.

To track your affiliate links better, you can use a unique SID. This allows you to identify which article, post or email led to the commission.

Simply add your text, such as FishArticle. Then click on Update Code to get the new link. You can now take the link and promote the product in your “Fish Article”.

If you wish to promote the same affiliate links in another post, and you want to track it accurately, you can do the exact same thing but with a different SID. For example, “FlowersArticle”.

Is CJ Affiliate Legit?

CJ is an affiliate network. CJ Affiliate reviews are numerous online.

You will only see negative CJ Affiliate reviews if you are a publisher who was caught sending bot traffic or violating the terms of the affiliate program repeatedly.

I have never had any problems with them. CJ is one of the most established affiliate networks.

My affiliate payments were always on time and I was always informed about any changes to the system or terms.

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction), Conclusion

CJ Affiliate is one of the best affiliate networks you can join. They are a great affiliate network and I recommend them highly.

This post was not sponsored or written by them. They are my praises, so I don’t make any money.


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